The five flagship species of NEPL are tigers, gaur, Sambar deer, white-cheeked gibbon and otters. Learn more...

NEPL conservation programs include outreach, patrolling,  research, land-use management,& tourism.

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How many tigers are there in the wild?

2 June 2010 - Learn about the status of tigers in eight priority areas in this report by Wildlife Conservation Society. Read...

Visit NEPL and support alternative income for local people. Go wildlife spotting by boat with local guides.

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Covering nearly 6,000 square kilometers NEPL is one of the largest of Laos’ 21 protected areas.

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The last home for
Tigers in Indochina

Welcome to

Nam Et - Phou Louey National Protected Area


The Status of Bears in NEPL

19 February 2011 -  A recent study by Lorraine Scotson of Free the Bears Fund reveals that Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA has one of the highest density of bears (Black Bear and Sun Bear) in Southeast Asia. Read...

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Night Safari on Youtube

11 June 2011 - Check out this video clip on Youtube featuring the Nam Nern Night Safari produced by Tiger Trails.

Wealth of Nature in NEPL

1 May 2011 -  Natural resources are the main source of protein and vegetables for local people living around Nam Et-Phou Louey, according to a recent study that looked at the linkages between wildlife management and household food consumption. Read...

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Model Management

26 July 2012 - Increasing the effectiveness of protected area management in Laos, as well as elsewhere in Asia, requires the development of specialized fields of expertise through proven models of PA management. The Global Environment Facility (GEF), the largest public funder of projects to improve the environment, has recently short-listed NEPL for funding to develop replicable models of protected area management. Learn more